Former Arkansas Republican Party Chair Doyle Webb today lost his bid to become co-chair of the Republican National Committee, a position that would have put him a line of succession to lead the party during the next presidential election.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ronna McDaniel, who’s presided over the loss of the House, Senate and presidency, was re-elected to another term as chair of the party.


Co-chair Tommy Hicks of Texas, who is close to Trump’s oldest son, was also re-elected easily in a four-way race. Webb ran second, but well back.

Both McDaniel and Hicks are viewed as allies of Donald Trump and the elections were anticipated to be a reflection of his continuing influence in the party. Not that you ever heard Doyle Webb badmouthing Trump.


CBS reports that the RNC meeting included discussion of further vote suppression efforts through ID laws and the like, a hallmark of Republican politics. They are particularly unhappy about the absentee vote turnout this year and can be expected to do all they can in legislatures around the country to prevent a recurrence.