Bruce Ward, who posts often on a Facebook page devoted to safer public schools, notes the continuing high positive test rate for COVID-19 in Arkansas. He remarks:

 As Arkansas sets new CoVID-19 records for active cases, hospitalized patients and ICU beds in use I am left wondering what happened to Governor Asa Hutchinson’s goal of being under 10% positivity? Do I remember the Arkansas Department of Health making recommendations on how we could reduce spread in Arkansas?

As we now are seeing days with 25 percent positivity might it be time to consider some of those options? Perhaps try to bring the cases down and free up a little room in the hospitals?

To date, the governor says, no. His “targeted strategy” has been a splendid success. Mirrored by the rollout of vaccine by Arkansas, I might add.


Arkansas moved up to No. 9 nationally in the Democrat-Gazette’s daily listing of the worst state outbreaks. Top 10 is bad, in case you haven’t been following it.