The Monday coronavirus report shows a typically low number of new cases: 1,268. There’s also a significant drop in currently active cases.

But the state has recorded 38 more deaths and, worst of all, the number hospitalized for COVID-19 jumped by 31, to a new record of 1,371.


I’ll add the summary and the governor’s customary comment when and if they arrive. UPDATE:


Said the governor:

“Today’s report of 31 additional hospitalizations will add to the load of our health care workers. The better news in the new cases are starting to slow somewhat. Let’s work toward a true downward trend.”

He didn’t mention another woeful vaccination report.


Here are the day’s detailed hospital numbers:

Current hospitalizations: 1,371

Total Beds: 8,860


Total Beds Available: 2,000

Total ICU Beds: 1,156

Total ICU Beds Available: 43

Total Vents: 1,104

Total Vents Available: 617

Total Covid patients in ICU: 458

Total Covid patients on vents: 267