Arkansas State Police

The Arkansas State Police confirmed this evening a tip I received earlier today that two of their officers were in Washington for the pro-Trump rally and march that ended with an overrun and deadly rampage in the U.S. capitol.

A State Police response from spokesman Bill Sadler to my question:


Max it is not common practice for state police supervisors to ask troopers how they intend to use their requested leave time.  However, both a Highway Patrol Division commander and a troop commander were aware two state troopers requested leave time to travel to Washington D.C. last week.


At this time there has been no allegation of illegal activity on the part of either state troopers who may have attended the “Save America Rally” near the White House prior to a group storming the U.S. Capitol building.


The administration of the Arkansas State Police would certainly cooperate with federal authorities if evidence or allegations were made against the troopers being part of the group that illegally went beyond the security lines around the capitol


The Arkansas State Police respects the rights and freedom of an employee to use their leave time as the employee may choose.

This, clearly, is an insufficient response. Names must be named. Their records must be known. Of course you may participate in a political event on your own time. But the actions of Arkansas law enforcement officers during a riot are important to the people of Arkansas. I sent this follow-up to Sadler. If I get a response, I’ll provide it,

If indeed State Police did attend the Trump rally that ended in the Capitol incursion, I would ask the state police director whether Arkansas people don’t deserve to be told precisely what they did there, apart from personnel protocol. Two reasons: 1) there are reports of further actions directed at state capitols and the Arkansas agency will likely be on call to assist. The unconfirmed reports suggest demonstrators have friends in law enforcement. 2) Capitol police in Washington said rioters flashed police credentials at them as they gained entry. I think Arkansas should know precisely where state troopers’ loyalties were when the rioting began. Were they inside the barricades; inside the Capitol; were they aware of people with ill intent or witness any improper actions? Did they try to stop them?

There are more questions that demand answers. Maybe Governor Hutchinson will be asked them at his spin-and-grin tomorrow.


PS: Oh, yes. Consider this an FOI request for complaints against the troopers who joined the pro-Trump march.

And who were they? Roll the video.