The daily coronavirus report includes another uptick in the number in hospitals and 65 deaths, though the rise in new cases in 24 hours is lower than it typically has been on a Wednesday.

The governor, for once, didn’t try to pick a figure to highlight amid the carnage.


“We continue to see the devastating results of COVID-19 across Arkansas. We lost an additional 65 Arkansans yesterday. Our efforts to wear a mask, keep our distance, and wash our hands frequently must remain steady as we continue to distribute vaccine doses across the state.”

The daily vaccination count is on the rise, but we still have a long way to go and demand as huge. My own anecdote: I become eligible Monday. I called a nearby pharmacy and was invited to join the waitlist, currently at 800. Particularly anemic are the numbers from the chain pharmacies engaged by the feds to reach nursing homes.


Here’s the daily hospital report:

Current hospitalizations: 1,362


Total Beds: 8,925

Total Beds Available: 1,910

Total ICU Beds: 1,170

Total ICU Beds Available: 51


Total Vents: 1,102

Total Vents Available: 621

Total Covid patients in ICU: 432

Total Covid patients on vents: 255