The House has voted to impeach Donald Trump for a second time.


The vote was 232-197, with four not voting. Ten Republicans (none from Arkansas) joined a unanimous Democratic vote. Of course, no Arkansans were on board, whether for sedition or cowardice reasons.

The reports are that more Republicans would have joined the tally but fear retribution. That proves the importance of the vote.


The debate had high and low points, but the basket of deplorables opposing impeachment spoke eloquently by their names alone — Jordan, Gohmert, Lesko and similar.

Did an Arkansan rise in opposition to speak against impeachment? Not during the periods, I listened.


The key Republican argument: Why now with only seven days left is impeachment being sought?

It is simple: Actions must have consequences. And U.S. democracy must not be brought to its knees by bullies and threats.

The Senate is next. When isn’t clear. Current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, despite some reporting to the contrary, that he hasn’t decided on his own vote yet, though he remains open to impeachment. A vote seems certain not to come until after Joe Biden is inaugurated and Democrats control the Senate. There’s precedent for impeachment after an official leaves office. Conviction would insure he could never serve again.

Trump sent an email to a TV network.



Alice Stewart gets this one right.

And, amazingly enough, this is NOT from The Onion.