Oklahoma, which has lapped Arkansas multiple times in the dimplementation of a law allowing the sale of medical marijuana, looks to also be ahead in helping residents get COVID-19 vaccinations.

Oklahoma has teamed up with Microsoft to develop a mobile app that informs people when they are eligible to receive a vaccination and helps them sign up for an appointment. They’ve registered more than 400,000 people so far. You fill out an online questionnaire and when vaccinations become available in the area where you live, an email is generated to schedule an appointment.


Through Monday, Oklahoma had distributed more than 153,000 doses of the vaccine and 21,000 people had scheduled appointments to receive shots. Arkansas, through Wednesday, had administered 103,000 shots.

Arkansas has posted a list of pharmacies expected to have the vaccine. But you are on your own in finding one to help you.


News reaches me today of people in my category — I’ll be eligible Monday on account of age but looking at being No. 800 on the waiting list of the last pharmacy I called — having received shots in New York, California, Louisiana and Texas.

We can do better.


Shoot-first law, tax cuts for businesses and millionaires and resistance to masks seem to hold a higher priority for many Arkansas politicians.

UPDATE: Here’s a national roundup from the Washington Post on state efforts. Arkansas looks better here than in the New York Times report last weekend, in the top half of states with 3.1 percent of the population having received a first dose.