ONE SHOT DOWN: One to go.

The COVID-19 report today shows a significant drop in the number hospitalized, down 86 from the 1,265 reported yesterday. So that’s something.


The number of new cases rose to 276,114, up 2,520 from yesterday. That’s a big number, though not as big as it was several weeks ago. But it’s worth noting that testing numbers are low.

And numbers are disturbing from places like the Little Rock School District which added 25 positive tests and 170 more students and staff in quarantine in just the lat 24 hours, with Roberts Elementary going al virtual through the end of the week,


Also, there were 55 more deaths, as the staggering toll mounts. The number of active cases continues to drop — to 20,391 from 20,940 yesterday.

I’m happy to report I got my first shot at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock. Hats off to Baptist. Directions to parking and entry were easy to follow. The assembly line inside couldn’t have worked more smoothly, from initial temperature screening, to ID check, to completion of the form to register the shot, to the shot itself to a holding area to wait to be sure there are no bad reactions.


And this is why a subscription to the Arkansas Blog is worthwhile. I learned from a reader’s comment here several days ago about the process to get a shot at Baptist, which is geared up for high-volume distribution. I created a MyChart account on their website several days ago and then scheduled an appointment online. My wife and I were able to get appointments this afternoon and we are scheduled for a return in three weeks. So far so good.

I’ll add the daily summary from the governor when it arrives. UPDATE:



The hospital numbers at 2 p.m.

Current hospitalizations: 1,179

Total Beds: 8,922

Total Beds Available: 1,916

Total ICU Beds: 1,176

Total ICU Beds Available: 48

Total Vents: 1,116

Total Vents Available: 689

Total Covid patients in ICU: 388


Total Covid patients on vents: 212