The state reported 2,162  news COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, middling by comparison with many recent days. The count is up to 281,382.

But the death count remains high, 53 more reported today for a total of 4,549.


The number of active cases todway was put at 20,107, down from 20,618 yesterday,

I’ll update later with the more detailed summary from the governor. UPDATE:


Said the governor:


“Today’s report shows a decrease of nearly 1,000 new cases compared to the same day last week. There were also over 16,500 tests administered yesterday. If we can keep our new cases on the decline, then our deaths will reduce as well, and this is one goal we can all unite behind.”

Meanwhile, another small dip in hospitalizations, by 18. The report at 2 p.m.

Current hospitalizations: 1,142

Total Beds: 8,902


Total Beds Available: 2,054

Total ICU Beds: 1,176

Total ICU Beds Available: 79

Total Vents: 1,118

Total Vents Available: 723

Total Covid patients in ICU: 364

Total Covid patients on vents: 191