Interesting story from a Washington, D.C. TV station about how deep the FBI is digging for people who were at or near the U.S. Capitol during the insurrection on Jan. 6.

Reported WUSA:


A D.C. woman said an agent visited her neighbor and called her, telling them investigators were tracking people whose cell phones connected to wi-fi or pinged cell phone towers near the Capitol during the riots.

“They don’t call first, they just come to your house,” Bree Stevens, a legal investigator who lives near Capitol Hill, said.

Stevens said an FBI agent told her they were reaching out to every single person whose cell phone put them near the Capitol during the riots.

She was out for a walk with a friend and his two young daughters on the afternoon of Jan. 6, but they were diverted by bomb scares until they ended up right next to the insurrection. Adults and kids were cordoned off and unable to get back to their apartments for four hours.

“You don’t want to be anywhere where they’re going to go!” she said on a video she shot while police officers in riot gear quick-stepped toward the Capitol.

Stevens said she was told she wasn’t a suspect. She recounted a call she received on her phone from an FBI agent:

Extremely creepy, because he explained that they have everyone’s phone number from pinging off the cell phone towers, and they know basically exactly where you were, within the vicinity of the Capitol,” Stevens said. “And they can actually pinpoint on Google Maps exactly where you were standing. Like, he knew where I was standing on the sidewalk, like specifically, based on my cell phone ping.”

So, back to Arkansas, where the Arkansas State Police belatedly confirmed to me yesterday, contrary to Governor Hutchinson’s utterances, that two state troopers, Cpl. Karen Clark and Trooper Alan Aiken, who attended the Trump rally/march that turned into the rally HAD gone to the Capitol if not inside and they had done NO-THING!


The carefully worded statement also said:

Both troopers said they were willing to meet with FBI agents to be interviewed and would fully cooperate.  The troopers also volunteered to provide any photographs or video recordings to the FBI related to their trip to Washington D.C.


Following the review, Colonel Bryant contacted the FBI to make special agents aware of his meeting with the troopers and briefed them on the results of the interviews.  The FBI did not believe it was necessary to conduct any further interviews with the troopers.

Professional courtesy, I guess, if strange given how finely they are grinding in Washington. Clark has said on a video that she was in a restricted area, saw people breaching the inaugural scaffolding within the security perimeter and also took video of a paramilitary-clad group that sounds similar to a right-wing group being hotly pursued by the FBI. The militia types were apparently key players in the building incursion — a plot that grows more alarming as the reporting continues.