A mysterious moon goddess left free tampons at the Arkansas Capitol today.

Arkansas Sen. Bob Ballinger’s sophomoric assault on a bill to eliminate sales taxes on feminine hygiene products has a silver liner. Looks like a mysterious moon goddess is leaving baskets of free tampons and pads in women’s bathrooms throughout the Capitol. (The tags on the baskets indicate Ballinger is behind them, but we have our doubts.)

period baskets at capitol

Someone stashed free tampons and pads around the AR Capitol today in response to controversy over making feminine hygiene products tax-free.


Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R-Clarksville) filed HB 1065 to exempt feminine hygiene products from sales and use taxes last month. Ballinger (R-Ozark) tweeted at Pilkington this morning, calling him a sissy and threatening to kill the bill.

period baskets

Baskets of free tampons and pads at the Arkansas Capitol included inspirational quotes.


We’ll see if Ballinger’s mom makes him apologize.