Zoe Tillman, a reporter for Buzzfeed News, has a good Twitter thread going on the detention hearing for Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett of Gravette, arrested for his incursion in Nancy Pelosi’s office during the Jan. 6 riot in the U.S. capitol.


An Arkansas magistrate was willing to allow Barnett to be free on home detention, but a district judge in Washington, where he will be prosecuted, countermanded that and is holding a hearing today.

The judge, Beryll Howell, appears unmoved by Barnett’s protests that he’s a good guy.


Howell is about to announce her decision, and going through each of the factors re: detention. She sounds angry. She says the title of the charges Barnett faces are “too benign” to describe what happened, calling it criminal activity destined to go down in the “history books”

She continues:

Howell says DC is still living with the “consequences” of the assault on the Capitol, and calls the evidence against Barnett overwhelming. He “strutted” into Pelosi’s office and “felt so entitled he put his feet on the desk” and took her mail. “Brazen, entitled, dangerous”
I can’t stress enough that Howell is absolutely *laying into* Barnett, reading with incredulity and anger his comments to the press about going into Pelosi’s office and what happened at the Capitol

Howell says it’s troubling that it appears Barnett’s partner took steps to hide evidence, and raises questions about her ability to serve as a third-party custodian to ensure compliance.

Howell says Barnett admitted, “almost bragged,” about taking steps to avoid detection and also was open about clearing out his house before it was searched and he turned himself in. “He’s certainly a braggart,” judge says, noting that admitting all these things is not smart

Now: Surprising absolutely no one following the hearing at this point, Chief Judge Howell rules that Richard Barnett, the Arkansas man photographed sitting with his foot up at Pelosi’s desk, will remain in detention (reversing release order entered by a magistrate judge

Barnett is charged with entering a restricted building without lawful authority while carrying a dangerous weapon (a stun gun).