U.S. Sen. Bill Hagerty, the Tennessee Republican elected last year to succeed Lamar Alexander, is stocking up with out-of-work Trump administration hands, including Arkansan Judd Deere.

Politico reports that Hagerty has hired 13 Trumpers including Deere, who will be his deputy chief of staff for communications. Deere stayed until the bitter (and we do mean bitter) end of the Trump administration as deputy press secretary. He’s a Benton native who worked his way through a variety of Arkansas Republican politicians’ offices before moving up to Washington. He drew attention in D.C. for demanding a stop to Washington Post reporting on Trump expenditures and saying a “dossier” was being built about the lead Post reporter. He also, as a gay man, was asked to explain defending the anti-LGBTQ Trump administration.


“Senator Hagerty ran on and told the people of Tennessee to send him to Washington to build on the successes of President Trump, and there is no better way to do that than by hiring the best from the outgoing administration,” Deere said in a statement, responding to questions on why so many Trump officials had been hired.

It was a riotous success that will not soon be forgotten, though Joe Biden is doing his best to apply an eraser.