SB 32, already approved in the Senate to allow retail liquor stores to deliver to homes in wet counties, cleared the House Rules Committee today on a voice vote.

The bill has been amended to allow delivery by microbrewery restaurants and small breweries.


The committee heard objections about the expansion of alcohol sales, as it had on an earlier bill, but advocates said the delivery rule, allowed by emergency order during the pandemic, had not been abused.

Earlier, the committee defeated on a voice vote to allow restaurants that serve drinks to serve them on Christmas Day. Alcohol sales are otherwise prohibited on Christmas.


Rep. Karilyn Brown of Sherwood, sponsor of HB 1341, would help those serving the tourist industry. She related a story of travelers unable to order a glass of wine with a meal at the Arlington Hotel on Christmas. She said she understood the rule stemmed from a belief in families being together on Christmas, but she said changes in society argued in favor of loosening the Christmas prohibition.