I have few details, but took notice over the weekend of a developing movement to get more people to register to vote and get educated about elections.

Fight Forward AR is described as a nonpartisan, nonprofit. But it is by its nature progressive in comparison with the prevailing balance of power in Arkansas.


Republicans control every branch of government. Their aim is, and legislation has already been introduced, to make it harder, not easier to vote. Vote suppression is getting increased Republican attention now because successful voter registration and vote turnout campaigns in Georgia flipped two U.S. Senate seats, with enormous benefits for the Democratic Party.

Here’s a link to register to participate in Fight Forward AR.


There’s an online introductory meeting at 6 p.m. today. More information about that here. 

The pitch:


Join us on Monday, 2/8, at 6pm for an introductory meeting to Fight Forward, a new nonpartisan grassroots coalition formed to expand the electorate and protect the vote in Arkansas. We are working with an amazing coalition of non-profits in Arkansas to build up our culture of civic engagement.

When we break down barriers and empower more Arkansans to participate, Arkansas will get better.