VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: The Republican Party’s favorite new demon.

Tim Griffin, scared out of a race for governor before it eve n began, issued a news release today saying Jeff Landry, the Louisiana attorney general, backed him.


The endorsement of an undistinguished Louisiana hack politician will get Griffin as many as, I dunno, four votes in Arkansas. That’s not what this news release was about. This was a signal to other potential candidates, such as former U.S. attorney Cody Hiland, that Griffin had connections with leaders of the special-interest-buck-rakers at the Republican Attorneys General Association, which Landry once headed. RAGA has dirty money galore to help their favored candidates and hurt the others.

But that wasn’t the only dog whistle in the news release, not even the loudest one. Griffin also quoted Landry as saying Griffin would “stop federal overreach from the Biden-Harris administration.”


Sound familiar?

Griffin’s announcement after he turned tail in the governor’s race:


I’ll fight to stop the Biden-Harris administration’s infringement on the rights of Arkansans.

And then there was Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Leslie Rutledge’s praise of Griffin as a fellow conservative traveler — like her defending against “the aggressive liberal agenda of the Biden-Harris administration.”

And then don’t forget Donald Trump’s former chief liar and now gubernatorial candidate, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She said recently on Fox News that a Biden-Harris administration would be a disaster.

Does anyone remember the Republican talking point machine referring the last eight years on a regular basis to the Obama-Biden administration? I don’t. The name Barack Hussein Obama, or pictures of Black people in campaign ads at every level from JP up, was enough to get their message across.

With a kindly older white gentleman at the top of the Democratic administration (and polling well), the Republican attackers have decided to elevate the vice president to demon status. Not only is she Black, she’s an outspoken woman and has Asian ancestry to boot. A trifecta.


The racist dog whistle never gets old with the anGry Old People.