Sen. John Boozman wasn’t moved by the graphic images of the near execution of leaders of Congress by a mob cultivated for weeks by Donald Trump that he urged to march and fight Jan. 6.

Reports NBC:


Sen. John Boozman, R-Ark., said Thursday that he has decided he will vote to acquit Trump because he believes the trial is unconstitutional, putting himself on record among Republican senators who are likely or certain to oppose conviction.

“This was unconstitutional. And so it makes it difficult to back up,” he told reporters during an afternoon break.

Boozman suggested other Republicans will do the same.

Sure. The prosecution has rested. The defense might as well rest without presenting an argument. There’s no way 17 Republicans will defy the angry white supremacists in their base by voting to prevent Trump from holding office again.

You have to hope public opinion was solidified about Trump’s treasonous behavior to leave lasting damage to him and those who enabled him.


Boozman is no constitutional law scholar, that’s for sure. There is no constitutional text that prevented this proceeding. No court precedent. Indeed there is direct precedent for precisely a proceeding of this wort. The weight of the legal argument was heavily in the prosecution’s favor. But it’s a convenient straw man for Boozman and his ilk to throw to those who didn’t, wouldn’t and won’t consider all those with eyes to see and ears to listen learned these last few days. If you don’t punish Trump, you can’t punish anyone who slips out of office before an impeachment is brought to trial in the Senate.

I just hope Trudeau has a modern day update of his famous Nixon-era cartoon: