Wendell Griffen, the Black circuit judge and Baptist pastor, rises today to blast white Christians for their support of Donald Trump and silence in his trial for inciting the Capitol riot.

Perhaps Trent ‘Dumbass’ Garner could provide a rebuttal.



People throughout the world are talking about the damage done to US standing during Donald Trump’s presidency.  Those conversations should also focus on how Trump’s presidency exposed the moral and ethical uselessness of White Christianity as a force for good.

White Christians have been silent, conspicuously, while the House Managers for Trump’s current impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate methodically expose how Trump incited the deadly January 6 attack on Senators and Members of Congress in a desperate try to prevent confirmation of the Biden-Harris Electoral College victory.

White Christians, who railed against Bill Clinton for lying about extra-marital sex acts, have not denounced Trump for sending domestic terrorists to kidnap and murder former Vice President Pence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives, and other Senators and Members of Congress.

White Christian leaders have not expressed indignation, shame, regret, or remorse about White Christian nationalists who prayed, in the name of Jesus, a prayer of thanksgiving because they assaulted the Capitol.

This is merely the latest evidence of White Christian moral and ethical impotence as a force for truth, justice, and democracy.  We should not forget the mountain of earlier proof.

He continues with many familiar examples.