Mike Huckabee has figured out how to make money, no doubt about that. Gulling the gullible is profitable.


Huckabee’s venture to sell ‘history’ lessons to kids (now almost 10 years old) is now pitching a “Free Trump gift for kids.” Uh, well, depends on what your definition of “free” is.

Boing Boing explains:


Newsmax, a fake news channel whose viewership consists primarily of domestic terrorism supporters, is running this ad for Mike Huckabee’s pro-Trump propaganda pamphlets for kids. Huckabee, known for his warmth and compassion, is giving away the booklets for free out of the kindness of his heart. All he’s asking in return for the free booklets is $1 per booklet plus your credit card number so he can bill you for the endless stream of garbage that’ll show up in your mailbox every month after that.


The fine print:


“Approximately 30 days after we send your first Kids Guide, we will begin to send you a new Kids Guide, complete with online streaming access of the accompanying video lesson and digital workbook at the Learn Our History member website, or other great educational content from EverBright Media, around once a month for the low price of $15.95 plus $4.95 s&p per set. We will also send you the latest issue of EverBright Kids monthly magazine for just $5.75 per issue when each new issue is released. These items will be automatically billed to your credit or debit card on file, plus sales tax where applicable. You may cancel either or both subscriptions at any time simply by calling customer service at (877) 770-1620 or emailing customerservice@thekidsguide.com. You may also complete the contact us form found at thekidsguide.com/contact-us.”


He’ll probably be able to squeeze a good few months out of suckers before they realize what’s going on.

Imagine 2023 when the Huckster might have an inside connection to the state treasury again. I bet he has ideas.

Other web outlets are reporting mixed reviews on the latest Huckstering.


Somebody should call the Rutledge Report.