Sen. Jim Hendren’s break with the Republican Party wasn’t greeted warmly by Republicans.

Marine Gilsovic of KATV reports a couple of them:


First the Arkansas Republican Party chair:


The roll calls on big issues tell a different story about the notion that there’s room for diverse ideas in the Republican ranks. See a narrowly defined God, guns, gays, government regulation and abortion, to name a few lockstep topics. The GOP is also a party nationally that will not tolerate criticism of Donald Trump.

Then from Uncle Asa, the ever-pragmatic governor:


It gets nasty. For example, one senator finds Hendren’s principled decision “not pretty.” As I remarked to Bullet Bob Ballinger, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.:

And of course, Sen. Trent “Dumbass” Garner weighed in. The headline-grabber engaged in a little projecting:


The Democratic Party found, well, common ground with Hendren about the nature of the current Republican Party — radical and divisive.

What’s it all mean? Who knows? The Democratic Party MUST field a candidate (newcomer Rus Russell of Little Rock has announced) and get 3 percent of the vote to maintain its status as a political party automatically qualified for the ballot. The Republicans currently have the choice of two full-bore Trumpers, one, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, formerly a paid liar for him, and the other, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge a shameless shill, at Arkansas taxpayer expense. Given that 62.4 percent of Arkansas voters chose the sociopathic, misogynist, philandering serial liar over good ol’ Joe last year, the 2022 outlook isn’t bright.

But if Hendren’s movement could spur the election of a legislative body more reflective of public sentiment (example: there hasn’t been a poll yet that shows a majority of Arkansans want a total end to legal abortion) and more willing to collaborate, that would be good news.

I liked this comment from a Young Democrat: