I’ll update with the daily report when it arrives. I’m guessing the numbers in both new cases and vaccinations reflect a decline linked to the weather.

Another good guess. The update:


Said the governor:


“Our vaccine distribution has slowed over the past week because of the extreme weather. Thank you to all who are distributing vaccines with extended hours during the Weekend Vaccination Catch-up. As soon as we get our 70-plus largely vaccinated, then we can move to other priorities.”

Here’s the full hospital breakdown at 2 p.m.

Current hospitalizations: 630 (up 5 from Thursday)
Total Beds: 8,795
Total Beds Available: 2,163
Total ICU Beds: 1,180
Total ICU Beds Available: 95
Total Vents: 1,135
Total Vents Available: 770
Total Covid patients in ICU: 237
Total Covid patients on vents: 108