The National Weather Service issues a warning about another hard freeze tonight, which will certainly make driving dangerous in many places, and also suggests you think twice before walking on a frozen pond. And watch out for icicles.


The alert:

Clear skies and warmer temperatures have melted some of the snow across Arkansas. Very cold overnight temperatures will lead to refreezing for any surfaces that have wet snow/slush/or water on them from melting snow.


Very cold temperatures tonight, in the teens, will lead to these surfaces freezing into chunks or sheets of ice which will make travel very hazardous Saturday morning.


Snow melting on rooftops and tall buildings will lead to large icicle and ice sheet formation. As temperatures warm, large chunks of ice with sharp edges will begin to fall off of rooftops and tall buildings, potentially leading to injury from anyone near the falling ice.


Several lakes and ponds have frozen surfaces across Arkansas, and these frozen surfaces will likely remain frozen through Saturday. It has not been cold enough for the ice to be safe to walk on. Serious injury or death could result from anyone walking out on thin ice. Lakes and ponds freeze from the edges to the middle. Your weight may be supported on the edge of the frozen body of water, and not out in the middle of the lake or pond. Avoid walking out on any frozen bodies of water.