The Senate Public Health Committee today approved, as expected, a bill to require women seeking an abortion to not only get an ultrasound test but to be shown it along with an explanation of the development of the fetus.

It’s meant to discourage abortions.  The committee heard from a couple of opponents before approving the bill without a dissenting vote.


It’s demeaning. It’s condescending. It could expose confidential medical records. It’s unlikely to have much impact. But that doesn’t matter in Darkansas, where women are not thought capable of making medical decisions on their own without state intervention. It provides fines for providers who don’t comply.

Given the Senate’s earlier passage  today of a no-exceptions abortion ban, I’m somewhat surprised the sponsor, Sen. Cecile Bledsoe, left this in her bill:


This section does not: Prevent a pregnant woman from averting her eyes or looking away from the ultrasound images required to be provided to and reviewed by the pregnant woman;