Another horror story from one of the unemployed trying to shake loose benefits to which he is entitled from bonus baby Mike Preston’s Arkansas Workforce Services Division.


Could one legislator, just one, take a break from oppressing women, transgender people and poor and elderly voters and look into this long-running nightmare?

On an emergency basis yesterday the Senate moved out legislation to hold businesses harmless from paying unemployment taxes for the second quarter of last year. This on top of squandering $160 million in federal disaster aid to prop up the unemployment insurance trust fund to spare employers a $10 million tax increase (about $10 per employee — $10!).


Could some emergency consideration be given to those suffering in the line Monday at the Little Rock Workforce Services office, shown in the YouTube video?

If only those people standing in the unemployment lines for hours, or put on hold for days on end, or given an endless run-around had Randy Zook as their lobbyist.


A new story today, from a person well known to me and thoroughly credible:

My father-in-law has been in limbo with the pandemic unemployment assistance situation since September. He’s a contractor, but his last contract ended in May. He tried to hold out, but finally filed in September for benefits.

About once a month, he receives a letter with a request for a different piece of information. He’s taken several sets of taxes, assorted paperwork, identification and written explanations of his situation into his local office and in to Office Depot to be faxed in. The list of files in his account keeps growing, but no decision is ever made.

We get on a joint call twice a month and call in to the system. It sometimes takes an hour or more to get through to a human being. Every time, we’re told to fax in more information and to be patient. We’ve been patient for five full months now. Phone calls, emails, faxes and in-person visits don’t seem to be enough to settle the situation. We don’t know what will be.

Anybody in the legislature care? Anybody?