We know the Republican Attorneys General Association is a dark-money sump for special interest money that pours millions into electing people, like Leslie Rutledge, who’ll do the bidding of polluters and others.


We know that an arm of RAGA helped finance and promote the Trump rally that led to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

This work by an investigator in Missouri shows the amount of time the attorney general’s office in that state devoted to thwarting the election defeat of Donald Trump. It included a conference call on Jan. 5 with the RAGA arm, the Rule of Law Defense Fund, that promoted the Trump rally on Jan. 6.


No FOI request is necessary to know, generally, that Leslie Rutledge worked just as hard to prevent Trump’s defeat. She joined the bogus lawsuit attempting to stop the counting of electoral college votes. (Her office records are shielded from the FOI, BTW.)

What else did her office do? What staff members participated in planning to protect Trump, perhaps even for the event in Washington? She’s been reluctant to talk about her work that week, except to say she was NOT in Washington on Jan. 6. Indeed, though Rutledge is a candidate for governor, she generally avoids taking reporters’ questions except through a staff interlocutor.


Does she have something to hide?

A pending taxpayer lawsuit may answer some of those questions. The Missouri report deals with the use of state money for political purposes. That’s exactly the allegation in the lawsuit filed by Richard Mays in Arkansas. Rutledge, though sued personally, is using her publicly financed staff to try to get the lawsuit dismissed. When it reaches the Arkansas Supreme Court, it will be a good test of the already questionable integrity of new Justice Barbara Webb, who says she sees no need to recuse from cases involving Rutledge — who hired her husband Doyle, the former GOP chair, for $150,000 a year — because he doesn’t work in litigation. His job is to oversee the gerrymandering of legislative districts to benefit Republicans. A couple of other justices who identify as Republicans, Rhonda Wood and Shawn Womack, also stand ready to assist.