The governor hasn’t issued his daily summary yet but the early update on COVID-19 numbers are weird

Total cases today at 322,415. That’s 3,220 more than the total given 24 hours ago.


Deaths rose by 26 against yesterday’s number.

The number of active cases is at 4,399, down from 4,483.


Something seems amiss here and I inquired of the Health Department.  Gavin Lesnick, the Health Department spokesman, responded:

There is a data correction in today’s update. Only 288 of the new cases are from the last two weeks. Total deaths will also decrease because some have been reclassified and duplicates have been removed. We’ll have a note about this on our graphics when they come out later.

What this means for the seven-day rolling average of cases, a key factor in Governor Hutchinson’s decision to let up on health directives, remains to be seen.


To a followup question, Lesnick said:

Yes, these are cases that were not added previously. Most have result dates older than the past two weeks, so those ones wouldn’t affect the current rolling 7- or 14-day average.

The addition DOES affect the overall positivity rate.

I’ll add the summary when it arrives. Meanwhile, the line is open.

Oh, by the way, Trump is talking today. Same old same old, low energy some observers say.


Here’s the update:

Said the governor:

Today’s report reflects a data clean-up by @adhpio. There are 288 new cases today & the remaining 2,932 are from before Feb. 14. There was also a vaccination data correction. Later this week, we’ll learn how many J&J doses we’ll receive. Great news w/FDA approval.