Richard Barnett, the Gravette man facing multiple felony charges for joining the mob that invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6 and where he boasted of invading Nancy Pelosi’s office, threw a tantrum during a court appearance today, the New York Times reports.


He yelled at the judge that it wasn’t “fair” that he remained in jail four weeks after his arrest.

Appearing by video from jail, Mr. Barnett erupted into anger after Judge Cooper set the next court date in his case for a day in May, shouting that he did not want to remain behind bars for “another month.”

“They’re dragging this out!” he hollered. “They’re letting everybody else out!”

After a brief recess to calm the defendant down, Judge Cooper resumed the hearing, saying he would consider a new motion for release if and when Mr. Barnett’s lawyers filed one.

UPDATE: It appears Barnett has gotten himself a new lawyer.