REASON TO YUK: Liddle Tim gets endorsement of man whose sincerity he once questioned.

Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin, who was scared out of a race for governor by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and is now running for attorney general, has added to his rogues’ gallery of endorsements the No. 1 Rogue, loser Donald Trump.


Fox 16 has the Trump statement. It’s the usual gun/police/military boilerplate.

Trump takes the lead of a cadre of Trump sycophants for Griffin — Bondi, Bossie, Lewandoski, Landry, Noem, etc.


Trump, a champion grudge nurser, apparently has forgiven Griffin, a former Bush hand, initially endorsing Liddle Marco Rubio in the 2016 presidential race. Or maybe he just didn’t know.

Rubio, you may remember had the infamous exchange with Trump about the size of private parts, among many other slams of Trump. Rubio, of course, has now joined the cowards’ cohort of Republicans who’ve decided base politics dictate kissing Trump’s rear. Griffin adopted that strategy long ago, but not sufficiently to prevent Trump’s endorsement of his former chief liar, Sanders, over Griffin and another Trump lackey, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.


When he was supporting Rubio, but before his eventual full endorsement, Griffin declined to attend a Trump rally in Little Rock. He was interviewed by KUAR at the time.

Griffin said that Trump “has tapped into real frustration” that he and some of his constituents share but he finds Rubio a more appealing candidate.

“I am very suspicious of [Trump’s] views because a lot of his views are completely off what a conservative would believe. I think Donald Trump is first and foremost a showman,” he said. “I never know whether I’m hearing the showman or his genuine beliefs.”

Don’t expect to hear candor like that from Griffin again.

Leon Jones Jr. has also announced as a Republican candidate for attorney general.  Lack of a Trump endorsement is obviously a plus.