Christina Shutt

Christina Shutt, who has been director of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center in Little Rock since 2016, is moving up.


She’s been chosen as the new leader of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Ill. Shutt, 34, is the first person of color to hold the position, says the Springfield Journal-Review. She begins work in June. Her selection must be confirmed by the state Senate, but it is expected.

Shutt’s tenure in Arkansas included national accreditation for the Little Rock museum of African American history and culture. It is a state institution, as is the Lincoln museum.


Shutt steps into a role that has been involved in political controversy, the Springfield paper notes.

Isaacson, Miller search firm was hired to assist the board in identifying candidates like Shutt for the position that was vacated by former ALPLM executive director Alan Lowe a year and a half ago. Gov. JB Pritzker fired Lowe from the role in September 2019, after he loaned a copy of the Gettysburg Address to an organization operated by political commentator Glenn Beck without going through the proper channels.

Last summer, the firing of the state historian also made news. The historian worked under the auspices of the Lincoln library and museum board.