I’m still liking the daily hospitalization report.

Today: 259 hospitalized against 278 yesterday, with 118 in ICU and 64 on ventilators, down from 67.



New cases: 459 more since yesterday, for a total of 326,499


New deaths: 27, for a total of 5,437

Active cases: Up 14 to 3,158


Incidentally, KARK reports that Arkansas Tech University plans to return to normal activities and classes in the fall. Vaccine distribution is a big part of optimism.

Again: the state should make more people eligible and put more effort into mass clinics. The age limits should be lowered from 65 and restaurant workers should be moved into the eligible category, at a minimum.

Every day, the surplus grows with receipt of more doses of vaccine than are being distributed. And still come reports of open appointments going begging and people not theoretically qualified getting shots because — can you blame them — hospitals and pharmacies don’t want to waste shots that might expire.


Today’s tally shows the unused doses around 573,000 and no more than about 235,000 could be reserved for people awaiting a second shot. The state is rarely topping 20,000 shots a day. That means there’s enough surplus for two more weeks of shots at that rate, even if no further vaccine arrives. But the Biden administration says the shipments will only increase.

UPDATE with daily summary.

A data correction is blamed for big increase in the state death toll.

And the governor sayeth:

“Today’s report shows the continued trend of lower new cases [not exactly], active cases, and hospitalizations from the prior week. We have seen an increase of nearly 110,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses in the past week, and we anticipate this number to continue to climb.”