Nuff said, probably, but you might ask why Gunnery Gal is challenging Sen. John Boozman, nobody’s idea of a liberal. Well maybe not nobody.


Morgan comments:

My US Senator John Boozman gets a FAILING score from multiple conservative outlets for his voting record .
Mark Levin’s Conservative Review gave him an “F” .
If that’s not bad enough, this is a man who :
1) blamed Trump for the illegal actions of citizens at the Capitol on January 6th
And who
2) stood with democrats to accept electoral college votes from states with serious challenges of voter fraud.
He just announced plans to run for re-election and got Trumps endorsement .
When you can’t run on your record, you have to depend on endorsements from big names and hope people will blindly follow their advice.
I think the people of Arkansas are smarter than that and, I think Boozman needs to be replaced .
You can’t hide from your record, John.
You’ve had 21 years as a career politician to get it right .
You failed in your voting record, you failed the President and the people of Arkansas when we needed you most on the election integrity vote.