The talk of election law reminds me that a former and a current member of the Pulaski County Election Commission are in the mix of talk about candidacies for statewide office.

JASON DAVIS: Soon to formally announce as Democrat for Arkansas attorney general.


Most certain is Jason Davis, a Little Rock lawyer and former Republican member of the Election Commission. When he and Pat Hays constituted the Republican majority, they worked harmoniously with the election staff, including former director Bryan Poe.

He confirms to me this morning that he’ll soon be announcing as a Democratic candidate for attorney general. Republican Tim Griffin is the only other candidate in that race so far. CORRECTION: I forgot Republican Leon Jones.  


Davis was sharply critical of GOP Commissioners Evelyn Gomez and Kristi Stahr for punishing Poe while on family leave and without discussion or due process. His recent social media activity has leaned decidedly more toward the Democratic end of the spectrum.



Also in the political mix:

Current Commissioner Joshua Ang Price, the Democrat on the Pulaski County Election Commission mentioned above by Davis confirms he’s considering a race for secretary of state. The nominee will face incumbent John Thurston. Price knows election law, a primary responsibility of the secretary of state. He’s been a calm and steady player amid the hubbub created by Republicans on the commission, particularly the combative former chair Gomez, who at one point shoved a staff member.