Another anti-abortion bill hits the Arkansas statute books and Planned Parenthood comments:

Statement from Gloria Pedro, Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes Regional Manager of Public Policy and Organizing for Arkansas and Oklahoma, on SB 85 (Act 498): 

“By signing SB 85, now Act 498, Gov. Asa Hutchinson and anti-abortion politicians are making it loud and clear that they want to shame patients who seek abortion care. Abortion is health care. Decisions about pregnancy belong solely to patients, their doctors, and their families. Once a decision has been made, patients don’t need the government making care traumatic or more difficult to access.

“Yet again, we see Arkansas politicians ignoring scientific evidence and forcing the government into our private lives, a dangerous trend that will ultimately harm the people in this state. However, we won’t back down. Despite these constant attacks, we will continue to fight on behalf of Planned Parenthood’s patients to ensure they can receive the care they deserve.”

This is the bill that REQUIRES a woman to be shown an ultrasound when seeking an abortion and be given a lesson in fetal development.