Supha Xayprasith Mays, a Democratic candidate for governor, has issued a statement blasting former Gov. Mike Huckabee for a sarcastic rip of Asians (and voting rights for African-Americans.)

She’s right, of course. But her news release seemed to lack a relevant point — that Huckabee’s daughter, Sarah Sanders Huckabee, is a Republican candidate for governor. What about her?


The  release:

Supha Xayprasith Mays, who announced her candidacy for the Democratic
nomination for Governor of Arkansas on March 26th at her North Little Rock
headquarters has denounced a recent tweet by former Governor Mike Huckabee that
seemed to mock the national anxiety and reaction to recent anti Asian acts of violence
and intolerance that have mobilized activists, corporations and citizens around the
nation in solidarity with Asian Americans and their right to live free of hatred and
institutional racism in America.


On Saturday April 3rd, former Governor Huckabee tweeted “I’ve decided to
identify as “Chinese” so Coke will like me, Delta will agree with my values and I’ll
probably get shoes from Nike and tickets to MLB games…. Ain’t America great”?
“The mockery of Asian people , even as innocent citizens were killed in a hateful act of
mass murder in Georgia , as Asians have been attacked on our streets from coast to
coast, as the language of hatred against Asians has risen to unprecedented levels ….
is unacceptable and unworthy of a former Governor of our great State of Arkansas” said Xayprasith-Mays.

“I call upon Governor Asa Hutchinson and every former Governor of Arkansas to
denounce Huckabee’s language of hatred and demand he apologize to the People of
Arkansas and to Asian- Americans everywhere…. we cannot allow Mike Huckabee to
use Arkansas as a platform to spread intolerance and exclusion…. I ask that
Arkansas civil rights leaders and concerned citizens join me in sending a message to
Mr. Huckabee that the politics of nullification and division have no place in our society
and will not be tolerated as part of Arkansas’ future” said Xayprasith- Mays.

Xayprasith-Mays, who attended a “Combating Hate Crimes in Arkansas” rally hosted
by the Urban League of Arkansas on the Capitol steps on April 1,2021 along with fellow Asians and other minority community leaders will call upon fellow activists and business community leaders to immediately meet to craft a direct response to Huckabee while continuing to press for a comprehensive Hate Crime bill that will protect Arkansans from acts of hate motivated by racial or religious biases.

“ While I am deeply disappointed by former Governor Huckabee’s hurtful words, we
cannot ignore that they are not just meaningless sarcasm and that words have real consequences…. just last month on March 13,2021 in an unprovoked attack filled
with racist anti Asian language , an Asian man in Hot Springs was the victim of an
assault by an off duty Bentonville Fire Chief who was later charged with third degree
assault and public intoxication. It is obvious Arkansas needs strong Hate Crimes
legislation and less of this type of damaging rhetoric from its so called leadership”.