A rally for voting rights — and to express opposition to vote suppression bills in the Arkansas legislature — will be held at the Capitol at noon today.

For AR People, the League of Women Voters of Arkansas, Arkansas United, and Indivisible Arkansas. are sponsoring the rally to highlight the multi-pronged Republican effort to reduce voting. The governor has already signed a bill to require a photo ID with absentee ballots and to eliminate the ability to correct the failure to include the ID in a mailed ballot.


Said a news release:

Many of these bills pile unnecessary rules on top of current law, and take away freedoms of Arkansans to simply make voting easier. SB486, for example, criminalizes the act of offering bottles of water to voters in line. HB1715 prohibits a county clerk from sending voters unsolicited absentee ballot applications. SB485 eliminates super-popular Monday before Election Day as an early voting day. The bills disproportionately throw up barriers to the polls for vulnerable Arkansans, including Black & brown Arkansans, rural communities, elderly, people with disabilities, and those with limited transportation.

Go HERE for info on how specific bills harm voting rights, or here for a full list of the anti-democracy bill package.

Speakers include Josh Price, a Pulaski County election commissioner; Nell Matthews of the League of Women Voters of Arkansas, and Harvey Jo Sanner, a Prairie County election commissioner