Walmart’s support of LGBT rights even as it supports the lawmaker who pass such legislation is an old story.

Take voting rights. Or take them away is more like it.


Here’s a report on a Public Citizen project identifying $50 million in corporate contributions to Republican lawmakers backing vote suppression in the U.S., including specifically in Arkansas. $22 million was given in 2020 alone.

Between 2015 and 2020, according to Public Citizen, corporations donated more than $10.8 million to Georgia Republicans who are supporting the 26 voter suppression bills that have been introduced in the state’s legislature this year. Corporations have also donated big to voter suppression advocates in Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas.

“From coast to coast, politicians that Corporate America helped elect are pushing racist voter suppression laws,” Rick Claypool, research director for Public Citizen’s president’s office and one of the authors of the new report, told Common Dreams.

“No matter how many PR statements Big Business puts out, its complicity with the anti-democratic forces that want to make voting harder is clear,” Claypool added. “Corporations should keep their money out of our democracy—and Congress must put the people back in charge by swiftly passing the For The People Act.”

According to the latest tally by the Brennan Center for Justice, legislators have introduced 361 bills with vote-restricting provisions in 47 states this year, and five have become law.

The list on the Arkansas vote suppression agenda was reported earlier today by Austin Bailey.


Here’s the report on contributions to vote suppression advocates.