Governor Hutchinson has signed yet another anti-abortion bill, HB 1572, which requires a three-day waiting period before a woman may be prescribed two pills to induce a miscarriage in the first weeks of pregnancy.

The woman is also required to receive a lecture on complications, distribution of human trafficking literature, scheduling of a return visit and extensive recordkeeping including a state record of why a woman sought an abortion.


It is not about the health of a woman but about discouraging abortion.

A provider of such abortion in Arkansas commented:


Statement from Gloria Pedro, Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes Oklahoma Manager of Public Policy and Organizing on the signing of HB 1572:

“Anti-abortion politicians are once again proving they are more worried about playing a political game than they are about the health of Arkansans. HB 1572 does nothing to make patients safer. In fact, this bill just creates more obstacles for patients to access safe, legal abortion and more unnecessary requirements for physicians providing care.

“When abortion is not an option, it’s Arkansans who suffer. States with more abortion restrictions tend to have poorer health outcomes for women and children than other states, including higher rates of maternal and infant mortality. Politicians should focus on improving access to health care, not making it harder.”

It’s the seventh anti-abortion bill signed this session, among 20 legislative proposals, including an absolute ban. The Senate today approved one of them, a virtually insurmountable requirement that the two abortion providers have signed contracts with hospitals and ambulance services for accepting patients with complications (an extreme rarity).

Lawsuits to come.