Overlooked in news yesterday of the override of an anti-transgender bill veto was the arrival of a favorite of anti-transgender people: A bathroom bill.

Rep. Cindy Crawford (R-Fort Smith) introduced  HB 1882 that would allow lawsuits against public agencies if a restroom or changing room is used by a person with a birth sex different from the sex designated for the facility. A public employee also has a cause of action if made to share sleeping quarters with a transgender person.


A transgender person could make a written request for accommodation in a single-occupancy or controlled-use for facility.

It’s the ninth anti-transgender action of this legislature.


Four are law: No transgender girls in sports; refusal of medical services by conscience; prohibition of medical services to minors; discouragement of discussion of LGBT issues in school. Another bill to allow the attorney general to sue over transgender sports participation is pending.

Also approved is a House resolution for the state to defy federal rules and law protecting LGBT people.


Pending is a bill to protect teachers who refuse to refer to students by their gender.

The stripped-down hate crimes bill is another product of anti-transgender feeling.

Now this.

The hate state.