Governor Hutchinson, continuing his run of appearing on national TV just about every Sunday, was a guest this weekend on CNN’s “State of the Union”, where he defended his veto of a bill that prohibits transgender youth from receiving medical care. Republican majorities in the House and Senate easily overrode his veto.

“Are we going to be a narrow party that expresses ourself in intolerant ways, or are we going to be a broad-based party that shows conservative principles but also compassion in dealing with issues that parents face, that individuals face?” Hutchinson said. “I’ve got to remind my wonderful Republican colleagues that we are the party of Ronald Reagan that believes in the role of limited government.”


Host Jake Tapper called Hutchinson out for signing other anti-trans bills related to participation in sports. He also pressed Hutchinson on whether he was considering a 2024 run for president. Hutchinson gave a practiced non-answer. His focus is on Arkansas, he said.