The out-of-state fund-raising (including at least two trips to her former boss’ event venue at Mar a Lago) apparently paid rich dividends for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a Republican candidate for governor.


She announced on her website raising $4.8 million in the quarter, less than a third ($1.5 million) from Arkansas.

The reports are not on file, so key donors aren’t yet known and it’s unknown how much is in the form of people who maxed out for both primary and general election campaigns.


The campaign release said:

“I am grateful for the generous support of so many Arkansans – in 60 days we held over 50 events in Arkansas and received more than 6,500 donations across all 75 counties of the state. Our message of limiting government and advancing education and opportunity is clearly resonating,” said Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Overall, the campaign had over 34,700 donors at an average contribution amount of under $97 per donation in the first quarter. 90% of the campaign’s donations were $100 or less.

“With the radical left in control of Washington, our governors are our last line of defense,” Sanders said. “I will be on the front line of the fight for freedom and am encouraged to have so many friends across our state and country standing with us.”

Awaiting word from Leslie Rutledge, another announced Republican candidate. She had raised about $1 million for primary and general elections as of the January quarterly report.


UPDATE: Rutledge added about $200,000 to her fund-raising in the quarter. She’s now raised $1.232 total, with about $900,000 of that for the primary. She notes that 80 percent of her money comes from Arkansas donors. She ran through her usual list of legal attacks on the national level against the Biden administration, but she gigged Huckabee on her national focus for money and invisibility in Arkansas to date.

If elected Governor I will lead our state with the same mindset I have had as the Attorney General – Arkansas first and Arkansas focused,” said Rutledge.  “I am always humbled by the continued financial support from voters all across the state; however, no amount of money can replace the experience, judgment, and proven record I have gained over the past six and half years making decisions on behalf of three million plus Arkansans every day. I remain committed to making Arkansas first and will always be more concerned about what is happening in Fort Smith, Jacksonville, Jonesboro and Pine Bluff rather than in New York and Florida.”