Donald Trump may be gone, but Republicans are paying plenty to pay him homage, including a Republican candidate for governor in Arkansas.


The Washington Post reported April 9:

On Thursday night, the Mar-a-Lago Club hosted a dinner for more than 100 people, put on by a conservative activist group, at which the club’s owner, former president Donald Trump, spoke for more than an hour. On Friday, the club was booked again, for a lunch fundraiser to benefit Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Sanders and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) also have fundraisers scheduled at the club this weekend. And Saturday night, the Republican National Committee has reserved Mar-a-Lago for a 400-person banquet. The price tag for that dinner: more than $100,000, according to a person involved in the planning.

The GOP is still Donald Trump’s party. The clearest proof of that: It is still finding ways to pay Donald Trump money.

Since Trump left office, at least six Republican candidates have held fundraisers at the former president’s Florida properties. This weekend, at least six more events will be put on by GOP-allied groups.

We noted before the mid-March fund-raiser Sarah Huckabee Sanders held at Mar a Lago, at which guests were granted an appearance by the man Sanders once lied for.


With the filing of her first-quarter financial report, we now know what Sanders paid Trump for the night in Florida, almost $11,000. She had some other costs including travel and such, but a clot of some $35,000 in contributions from Florida residents on March 13 indicate the event finished in the black.


Sanders had another event at Mar a Lago in April, but that expenditure and cash haul won’t be available until the next quarterly report.