ONE MILLION AND ONE: At the governor’s event today.

Governor Hutchinson held a news event this morning to tout the millionth COVID-19 shot in Arkansas.


He said Arkansas is doing well with about a third of the population (and 40 percent of those eligible) having received a shot. But he said the surplus dosage is growing.

Hutchinson pitched the state is doing well, though most measurements paint a different picture. The New York Times’ latest ranking, for example, shows Arkansas as ninth from the bottom among the states in percentage who’ve received at least one shot. It’s third from the bottom in the percentage of doses used.


Here’s the update on the daily numbers:



New cases since yesterday: 161

New deaths: 3

Active cases: Down 20, to 1,923

Hospitalizations reported at 171, down from 175 yesterday.


Vaccinations: No new number yet on shots given.

The daily update and guv quote:

Today’s report shows a decline in new cases compared to last week and a slight decrease in active cases from yesterday. As we vaccinated the 1 millionth Arkansan today, around one-third of our population has received at least one dose. These are good numbers, but we can do better. Do your part by getting your vaccine as soon as possible.”