Since the minority is rarely afforded much of a forum at the Arkansas legislature, I share this announcement of a rally in support of voting rights.


A little late, I’m sorry to say. Bills to make it harder to vote and to shift control of elections from elected officials to Republican-controlled appointed bodies are already flooding into the statute books. They include reduction of early voting opportunities; new barriers to absentee voting; new limits on the ability to correct minor errors in provisional ballots; the partisan takeover of county election responsibilities, and Republican-majority legislative investigatory powers.

So good for these folks who believe elected officials should be acting to encourage more voting, not making it harder and thus suppressing turnout. The announcement:


Voting rights advocates will take to the Capitol steps to decry voter suppression measures currently moving through the Arkansas legislature and call on Arkansans to support federal legislation that will protect our right to vote.

While voter suppression efforts in Georgia spurred national media coverage and corporate boycotts, many of the same measures are being approved by the Arkansas legislature with little attention.

Faith leaders will join elected officials Sunday, April 25th at 3 pm to raise awareness and call for the people of Arkansas to push back on these dangerous attempts to stifle democracy.

“No matter our race, background or zip code most of us believe that for democracy to work for all of us, it must include us all,” said Senator Linda Chesterfield. “Throughout our history, we have fought to ensure more Americans have our right to vote honored and that every American is able to cast our vote and have it counted. To move forward together, we must ensure that Americans can cast our ballot so we are able to elect leaders who govern in our interests and make the promise of our democracy real for us all.”

Members of the public are welcome to attend.