The Senate met until 9:10 p.m. Thursday, pushing through dozens of pieces of legislation with scant consideration.

This was somewhat ironic given the complaints about lack of public input cited by the likes of Sen. Dan Sullivan in the course of defeating Sen. Clarke Tucker’s bill to treat absentee voters the same as in-person voters in validating legal votes. Sullivan expressed surprise at an element of the bill that restated existing law and had been in the bill since January. If he was just seeing it, that’s on him, not a lack of public input on a bill that went through three committee hearings.


Tucker worked on the legislation for three months and incorporated dozens of suggestions from Republicans. For his effort, his bill was mischaracterized and then defeated because 1) he’s a Democrat and 2) it might have helped more people vote in Pulaski County. It would have helped Republican voters too but helping absentee voting is contrary to Republican dogma.