Agreed. Governor Hutchinson is saying the right thing in urging people to get the COVID-19 shot.

Agreed. His leadership is having little effect.


And, because some states want the vaccine more than others do (think red), the Biden administration said today it would favor allocations to those who want it more.

When states don’t order allocations to which they are entitled, they will go to other states.


Each state’s share of the total U.S. adult population will still determine weekly allocations. But instead of allowing unordered doses to carry over week to week, the White House will steer untapped vaccine into a federal bank available to states where demand continues to outstrip supply. Those states will be able to order up to 50 percent above their weekly allocation.

This means mask-free, vaccine-shunning Arkansas. Noted in the same Washington Post article:

The strategy could transform how vaccine flows across the country. In recent weeks, numerous states have begun leaving significant quantities of doses on the shelves. Last week, officials in Arkansas declined the state’s entire share, the state confirmed.

Yesterday, Arkansas was sitting on nearly 800,000 surplus doses. Only about a third of Arkansans 16 and over have been fully immunized.