Cave Springs is the safest city in Arkansas, but that’s not saying much considering Arkansas ranks fourth in the nation for violent crimes and fifth for property crimes.

Greenbrier, Austin, Greenwood and Bella Vista rounded out the top five safest places in the state, according to new data out from SafeWise, a sort of Consumer Reports for home security systems.


“Violent crime is top-of-mind for people in Arkansas,” said Rebecca Edwards, lead safety reporter for SafeWise. “And with nearly six violent crimes reported per 1,000 people, that high level of concern makes sense. Only three other states saw more violent crime per capita than Arkansas.”

Arkansas is significantly more violent than the nation as a whole.

Too bad the Arkansas General Assembly was so busy abusing transgender children in 2021 that they failed to take up measures to make Arkansas safer. In fact, state lawmakers passed a stand your ground law known to boost homicide rates in other states where it’s been enacted.


SafeWise based their findings on the 2019 FBI Unified Crime Report, the most recent data available.

Per their findings:

  • Cave Springs earns the number 1 spot for the second year in a row.
  • The largest city on our list this year was Bentonville, which jumped four spots to number 13 this year.
  • Arkansas residents fall in the middle of the country when it comes to concern levels. Of those we surveyed, 54% said they were concerned on a daily basis and 54% said they feel safe in The Natural State.
  • Arkansas has the fourth-highest rate of violent crime in the nation behind Alaska, New Mexico, and Tennessee.
  • Arkansas has the fifth-highest property crime rate in the nation.
  • Burglary is more common in Arkansas than the rest of the nation with over 18,000 incidents in the state.
  • 43% of Arkansans worry about police violence, while 60% feel confidence in law enforcement.
  • 43% of Arkansans say their personal safety has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 76% of Arkansas residents think crime is on the rise, and 7 in 10 take measures to protect their property.
  • Arkansas did see a lower frequency of package theft compared to the rest of the country. Only 12% of our respondents claimed to experience it in the last year, compared to 20% of the US.

At least our Amazon packages are less likely to get stolen?

These numbers aren’t good.