Election veteran Susan Inman joins the Pulaski County Election Commission.

An election expert who has served as Pulaski County’s election director and traveled overseas 15 times to help monitor voting in Asian and Eastern European countries will soon represent Democrats on the Pulaski County Election Commission.

Susan Inman replaces Joshua Ang Price, who resigned the post earlier this month to pursue new opportunities (that may include a run for office).


“I ran for the seat because we needed some experience as we head into redistricting and the 2022 election cycle,” Inman said. “I just felt like I was best suited to bring experience, knowledge and preparedness, to hit the ground running.”

Inman brings decades of experience and expertise to the job. In fact, she’s already done it. Inman joined the Pulaski County Election Commission in 2010 and was chair until 2013, when she resigned to make an unsuccessful run for Arkansas secretary of state. Her resume also includes a 2-year stint as an election commissioner at the state level and a day job as the Pulaski County election director, a position she will now help supervise.


Most recently, Inman helped monitor the drawn out and tense 2020 general election vote count in Pulaski County. The messy process offered up plenty of drama, including mistakenly counted ballots, allegations of physical assault by then-Commissioner Evelyn Gomez and unfounded accusations of voter fraud. Inman and fellow volunteers helped hundreds of absentee voters “cure” their ballots by verifying their identities to the Pulaski County clerk’s office after those voters failed to either include a photocopy of their ID or sign the verification of identity statement (a new law passed in the 2021 legislative session makes verifying ballots with signatures instead of ID unlawful going forward). Inman was working alongside volunteers with For AR People, a voter advocacy group that has since filed a complaint outlining a raft of violations and mismanagement by Gomez and current Commission Chairwoman Kristi Stahr.

Alyson Clyburn, chair of Pulaski County Democrats, said she has no doubt Inman will bring professionalism and unparalleled knowledge to the job.


“I’m really excited about the experience she brings to the position and her dedication to election work,” Clyburn said. “She’ll be able to bring that historical knowledge about how elections work, not only here in Arkansas, but she has experience in elections nationally and internationally.”

Inman’s most recent international trip was in 2019, when she observed the presidential election in Ukraine.

Her predecessor said he counts Inman as a mentor and couldn’t think of a better replacement. “Susan has decades of experience with elections, from training poll workers and setting polling locations, to the proper processes during early voting and Election Day, through final certification,” Price said.