Caleb Sykes, 18, of North Little Rock was killed and two others were wounded in an apparent shooting and wreck yesterday afternoon in the 5200 block of University Avenue near Mabelvale Pike. A 17-year-old suspect is being sought.

The police account of events:


On Wednesday, May 26, 2021, Little Rock Police Department responded to the 5200 block of S. University Ave. after receiving a call for service regarding a “disturbance with a weapon.”

The caller advised two vehicles, a white vehicle and a silver vehicle, appeared to be in a disturbance which led to a possible vehicle collision at this location. More information was provided that a white vehicle on S. University Ave. near the intersection of Mabelvale Pike, appeared to have bullet holes with vehicle debris in the roadway.

Shortly after, officers were called to the area of 1901 Wright Avenue regarding shooting victims inside a silver Kia sedan. Officers located a 17 year old male and Desire Deshazier, 27 of Pine Bluff, AR, suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. Both were transported to local hospitals to receive medical attention, while one other occupant in the vehicle was unharmed.

Officers marked off the area surrounding this vehicle as a possible crime scene to investigate the incident further.

Little Rock’s Communications Division received a call from St. Vincent’s Hospital, reporting a shooting victim arrived at their emergency room in a white Toyota Camry. Officers were notified and responded to St. Vincent’s, locating the vehicle, the driver of the vehicle, and spoke with medical staff. The occupant of the vehicle, Caleb Sykes, 18 of North Little Rock, AR, died as a result of his injuries. Officers identified the driver of the vehicle who was unharmed.

Homicide Detectives and the Crime Scene Search Unit were notified and responded. An investigation began and detectives made contact and interviewed the unharmed vehicle occupants and witnesses. Homicide Detectives were able to verify these victims were related to one shooting incident. The Crime Scene Search Unit responded to the scenes, collecting anything of evidentiary value. The silver Kia and white Toyota Camry were later towed to the LRPD Crime Scene Bay to be reviewed by detectives, pending a search warrant. After the initial investigation, Homicide Detectives learned a 17-year-old was a passenger in the Kia sedan, and a possible person of interest in this incident. Detectives have been actively seeking to lo-
cate this person throughout the night.