A new PAC has formed dedicated to defeating Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ run for governor.


I’m guessing this is an edge of a national Democratic movement to target candidates tied to Donald Trump.

Realistically, beating up on Sanders for her ties to Trump — appealing as it is to some voters — might not have a great deal of impact in a Republican primary in Arkansas. Certainly not against another dedicated Trumper, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.


But there will be other Trump candidates for other offices. They will face challengers of some sort, from governor on down And there will be issues — Republican opposition to infrastructure spending particularly.

A spokesman for the group tells me an Arkansan, not yet identified, has contributed $100,000 to startup funding for what will be a grassroots effort led by Celeste Williams, who made an unsuccessful race as a Democrat in 2020 against 3rd District U.S. Rep. Steve Womack.


Here’s the full release:

Liberty and Justice For Arkansas, a Super Pac/Independent Expenditure dedicated to holding right-wing extremists accountable for their actions, announced its launch today. The group’s goal is to lead a bipartisan and aggressive effort to combat Trumpism on all fronts leading up to the 2022 General Election and beyond.

Liberty and Justice for Arkansas’s first endeavor and priority is to defeat Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Since Sanders announced her candidacy for Arkansas Governor earlier this year, she has remained joined at the hip with former President Trump —  receiving his endorsement and raising millions of dollars of out-of-state funds, which is fueling her campaign.

As part of their mission to defeat Sanders, Liberty and Justice for Arkansas will expose Sanders’ true intentions to voters and raise awareness of her plans to put a right-wing extremist D.C. agenda ahead of the needs of working Arkansans. They also plan to build a war chest based on grassroots donations to engage and mobilize voters to build a longstanding infrastructure that will combat Trumpism in Arkansas in perpetuity.

You can learn more about Liberty and Justice for Arkansas by visiting their website here.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DefeatSarah

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/DefeatSarah

Instagram: https://instagram.com/defeatsarah

“Arkansans deserve the opportunity for a better tomorrow, that will require leadership with integrity and solutions to the problems faced by everyday Arkansans. That isn’t what Sarah Sanders is offering,” said Celeste Williams, former Congressional candidate and spokesperson for Liberty and Justice for Arkansas. “She’s following a plan to continue dividing us against one another so we forget Arkansas leads the nation in teen pregnancy, is 5th in maternal mortality, and our schools rank 42 in the nation. Sarah Sanders is following the same strategy we’ve seen in Washington over the past 4 years. We have to stop it from coming home to roost here in Arkansas, for our future, our families, and our democracy.”

Liberty and Justice for Arkansas announced its launch in a video that highlights Sanders’ role in the master plan of Trump’s inner circle to consolidate their power and continue the former President’s legacy.

The group has registered as an independent expenditure committee. The filing lists as officers two well-known Democrats, Dawne Vandiver, former executive director of the Arkansas Democratic Party, and former state legislator Brenda Gullett.

Sanders, I’d guess, will be happy to be thrown into this liberal briar patch. I’ve asked the campaign for a comment.

Leah Garrett, director of the PAC, added this comment on the effort:


“We can’t just let Sarah Huckabee Sanders walk back into our state and think she can lead. She lacks the experience, the integrity, and the moral compass that Arkansas desperately needs, said Leah Garrett, former Arkansas State Director for Amy Klobuchar’s presidential bid and Director of Liberty and Justice for Arkansas. She lied to the American people, and she will do nothing but spew the same type of hatred that is driving our country apart. In the coming months, we are going to run a statewide operation to build financial and grassroots support to ensure Sarah Huckabee Sanders is defeated.”

UPDATE: Her campaign didn’t respond to my question but she’s already raising money from the ad. Her e-mail, in part;

A far-left super PAC run by Hillary, Kamala, and Chuck Schumer’s allies have launched an attack ad against me… and they’re spending A LOT of money to make sure voters see it.