Worth noting: The special recognition given in Pulitzer Prizes announced today to Darnella Frazier, whose video of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police set off shock waves that still continue.


I wrote earlier that it seemed a good idea to honor Frazier, as is a reconsideration of just exactly what it means to be a journalist or news outlet in the increasingly digitized world.

All the winners and finalists here. They are a mix of the usual suspects and some other sources. Example from audio reporting:


The podcast “No Compromise” examined a group of American right-wing activists with extreme pro-gun views and a burgeoning following on social media.

I wish Judge Mackie Pierce would take a look, as I suggested in my earlier item about Frazier. The world of reporting is more than newspapers and TV stations, despite what he ruled in a pending defamation case against an Arkansas blogger who indisputably uses conventional reporting tools and a website to report on public school issues. (That does not mean she is immune from a defamation lawsuit, but she should be accorded privileges given reporters under Arkansas law.)